Introduction of Mobius Arena

Preparation of The War

Mobius Arena Basic Information

The Mobius Arena season 2 is different to season 1, you cannot connect via your game client.
Before start the war, you should apply for participate at application webpage.
You can connect Mobius Arena via the exclusive client.

(1) Step1 : How to apply for Mobius Arena Season 2

Target : All Laghaim users
Restrictions : Over 100 Level Characters

(2) Step2 : Mobius Arena Season 2 Client Download and Install

The existing Mobius Arena Season 2 is different to season 1, you should download the exclusive client.

(3) Step3 : Open the Client / Connect to Mobius Arena
Open the exclusive client then type ID and Passward for login.
Choose your character, then you can connect 'Greenish Square'.

(4) Step4 : Status Points Setting
Basically, you can use your applied character.
If you need reset your status/skill point,
you can buy 'Redistribution Card' at NPC.

(5) Step5 : Enter to Mobius Arena War Area
You should prepare for the war. ( Buy Armors,Weapons,Potions / Redistribute your status point )

Please wait until start the war.
when it came, count 5 seconds on time.

Enter to the war area from Central / Left / Right portal and join the Mobius Arena.

You can go back and forth between the war area and Greenish Square anytime between the start and end of the war.

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